Aileen Balucanag (Table Flip Studios)

Sixteen things about Aileen Balucanag:

1. She loathes the sun with a passion.
2. Aging doesn’t bother her a bit.
3. She’s a bad liar so doesn’t lie.
4. LOVES music.
5. Her creative partner is the brilliant, L.M. Silva.
6. Her father taught her how to paint and draw.
7. She has incredible luck.
8. She has the weirdest, colourful dreams which she uses to write stories.
9. She wouldn’t mind being a cat in her next life.
10. She can still do the split.
11. Gamer.
12. She trips and drops things alot.
13. She LOVES photography. It keeps things in perspective.
14. She likes books. A lot.
She can be bossy sometimes.
16. Her ancestor is a fugitive. Seriously.




Post It (2012)