Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I submit? What’s the theme?
A: The anthology is a showcase of the talent of women who make independent comics. It’s designed to promote you and me and all of us. Do whatever theme or genre you do/enjoy best.

Q: Who can submit?
A: We are only interested in female independent comic writers, artists, and visual storytellers.

Q: How do I submit.
A: Go to our upload form —> HERE

Q: I’m transgender. Can I submit?
A: Yes.

Q: I’m male or part of a mixed gender team. Can I submit?
A: The purpose of this anthology is to give female creative talent a platform. An alternative is to submit to our sister anthology which is open to everyone: Indie Comics Quaterly

Q: We’re a writer/artist team who are both female, but we have a male letterer or inker. Can we submit?
A: So long as the primary creative force behind the work (the writer, penciler and colorist) are female then yes, having a male letterer or inker is acceptable. No offense to inkers and letterers. I have much respect for what you do, since I am personally weak in both areas. Writers, pencilers and colorists just tend to get top billing in a production.

Q: What will the finished size of the book be?
A: 8.5 x 11 inches (21.6 x27.9 cm)

Q: What dimension should my comic be?
A: Any dimension which will fit within the finished 8.5×11 space. That means that if you submit the comic as 6×9 or any other dimension, we will reproduce it at that size upon the finished 8.5×11 inch page.

Q: What are the bleeds on a full page?
A: 1 inch all around.

Q: What is the minimum/maximum pages length for submission?
A: 1 page minimum – 12 pages maximum

Q: Color or B&W?
A: Whichever you feel best serves your work.

Q: Can I submit the work of someone else?
A: No. That’s illegal.

Q: We’re a writer/artist team. Can we submit together?
A: Yes.

Q: How much am I paid?
A: Two copies of the finished anthology for the year in which you were an accepted/printed contributor. However one story will win a $350 cash prize as determined by a three-person jury.

The winning comic will then go on to be one of five comics eligible for the $1,000 Spectare Comic Award for 2014. The other four finalists will be the winning comics from Indie Comics Quarterly Volumes 1-4. As the grand prize winner’s total prize dollar will exceed $600, the winner of the grand prize will be required by law to fill out and return a W-9 tax form to Spectare Creative in order to receive the $1000 prize money. See IRS

Q: Why don’t you pay $35 – $50 a page?
A: Because I currently can’t afford it.  All funding for this project currently goes into just making this book a physical thing on a reliable basis.

Q: Are there royalties?
A: No. Sorry.
For one thing, the first volume lost money and the second barely broke even. We are introducing a cash prize, contest system in 2014 because we do value the work that goes into making comics. This is our first experimentation in alternative compensation models. In addition to the barely breaking even issue, the most we could hope for would be very small royalty checks for each of you (indie anthologies don’t have wide circulation) and even at $10/year would require me to collect W-9 tax forms from every single participant. Which will then obligate each of you to pay tax on that small royalty check, every year you get one, whether we like it or not. See IRS

Q: Can you help me find a writer/artist to team up with for a submission?
A: No. But you can join one of our networks and solicit for a teammate there.

Q: Can I advertise with you?
A: On the website? Yes. In the anthology itself? No.

Q: Will you do an art/story review or critique of my portfolio/comic/webcomic?
A: The anthology itself can’t provide that kind of service. Ask one of the creators in the community to give you feedback. Make friends.

Q: My comic has been published somewhere else before. Is it okay to submit it?
A: So long as you are not under any contractual obligation to the previous publisher and you retain the rights to the work, then yes.

Q: My comic has been published in a previous volume of Indie Ladies. Can I submit it for this year?
A: The same exact comic? No.  A brand new comic?  Yes.

Q: My comics deal with minority issues. Is that welcome in this book?
A: Yes. Very much yes.

Q: My comic is in a language other than English. Will you accept that?
A: If you provide an English translation of each panel which we can place at the bottom of the page, then yes, we will print your story in its native language. Just give me a heads up so I can make accomodations.

Q: My comic deals with mature subject matter. Is it okay to submit to this book?
A: Yes. This is a book showcasing female comic creators, not female-created children’s stories.

Q: Aw. I specialize in children’s stories. Will my work be rejected?
A: No, we will not reject works or styles which are designed for young audiences. Just be aware that this book doesn’t market itself as a kids book. It is designed to showcase the variety of voices which exist among female comic creators in the community. Your voice would be a welcome contribution to that variety. Your work could be included along-side horror stories, personal memoirs, political commentary, satire, high-art, and humor. So the book will be seen by your creative peers, rather than your usual audience.

Q: Where can I buy a copy of the past volumes?
A: Volume 1 is sold out. Volume 2 is currently on a sales hold. Volume 3 will be available on Amazon.com after its premiere.

Q: Can I submit work published in an Indie Ladies volume to another anthology?
A: Yes. You retain your rights to your work. By submitting you are agreeing to give us permission to publish the work to a specific volume both in print and ebook. That’s all.

Q: How can I become the cover artist for a future volume?
A: For now, contact the editor. editor@indieladiescomic.com We will have a submissions guidelines page up for the 2015 cover in early October 2015.

Q: What happens to the profits which the publisher makes from the sales of this book?
A: In 2012 there was no profit. In 2013, there was a very small one which was applied to the publication budget of 2014′s book. For 2014 we plan to reinvest them back into the series. This reinvestment includes, the publication budget for next year, expanding publication outlets, prize money for contributors, and advertising.